How can we maximize the value of art and music in education and how can it be blended with more traditional subjects (math, science, history, etc.)

We are constantly monitoring students’ level of motivation and we have discovered that student engagement rises in every subject if the tasks and outcomes are meaningful and useful for them. That’s why in Cesis New Primary school we are looking for meaningful applications of knowledge and skills.
So this time I would like to present the outcomes of how we are blending art with more traditional subjects:

This is our school. We use this drawing a lot as school’s public image.


Profession wall is located in our school’s main corridor and it was created by blending three subjects – arts, social sciences and Latvian language.


Hangers were created in art and “life lab”. Every student has his own hanger and they use them every day.


To make these bird houses students got inspiration from Gaudi. They were created in arts class after researching birds’ living conditions in winter in science class.


This art was made using flowers, berries, fruits, vegetables etc. This includes research in science.


During art lessons we often visit exhibitions. But it doesn’t just stop there. After birds exhibition where they drew birds, students continued to do research in science, wrote articles about birds and than created 3D birds.


In this exhibition students found examples and inspiration to crete their own exhibition and an art event later this year.


We haven’t captured that many pictures from music, but our students experiment, create their own songs, make playlists for the events and record songs.


Excited? Take a look at a documentary “Think School” by Krista Burāne, which shows how students at our school take charge of things and are responsible for end of school year event. English-subtitled film is available here:

This is how the end of school year event looked:

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