How do we better engender a healthy, happy, and productive school environment where both teachers and students can flourish?

In Cesis New Primary school case the KEY is WE.
WE are a team of students, parents and teachers.

We have been blessed with many challenges along the school building way – no time, no money, no recourses. So we had no choice, but work together and reevaluate what is really important in the environment where WE spend the longest part of our day. So:

We create our environment togetherimg_3111

When I say “building the school” I do actually mean BUILDING. In this picture team of this school’s establishers is finishing last paintings in the night before first school day. Our school is growing only because everyone is involved.

We make it as our second home14231876_10150680397994996_6609208528968668747_o

We try hard to not become slaves of our environmentimg_3100

We don’t paint perfect walls, because it always comes with teachers worries of students who might damage them. We are not worrying if we can’t buy things, because we can always create them ourselves.  For example, the grey wall (with a blackboard) is made of old floor planks that we teared off in the room next doors.

And as mentioned before – challenges unite. This is our new school a week before first school day.


14188271_10150680394909996_3496930739145612740_oYou can see the same hall also in this VIDEO

And this is the same place on the first school day after a week of teamwork.



I believe that students and teachers can be both happy and productive only in the environment that is created and all the time adapted by them together.  At least this is what I experience in our school!


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