What’s the best gift you would recommend for your students this holiday season?

If I could have a magical power – frost and snow would be my gift to everyone this holiday season! I would love to create the joyful castle-yard skating scene of the movie “Frozen” as Elsa did.

Hmm… Why?

Frost and snow creates a magical experience, it fosters creativity and inspires physical activities.


At the beginning of every winter my son wakes up in the morning and looks out of the window, hoping to see the first snow this season. And when the special day comes, he lights up as if something magical has happened.

How can it be that everything is covered in a white fur? It’s soft and it flies and it magically disappears on my tongue. And if I leave my bottle of water outside, it becomes hard. Wow! It’s like a fairy tale with me playing a role!

Just look at how much joy snow gives to kids and you’ll see the magic in it yourself!



Snow creates a huge playground – all ground covered with white clay inviting to create something. Let’s build a snowman! A fort! A skyscraper! If water becomes white snow when it freezes, how would milk look like frozen?12662589_1071109632928837_7835919249490146596_n

Take a look at the creative ideas that students from Cesis New school carry out at school:

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Physical activities

Snow creates a huge soft bed that invites you to fall in it and jump in it, and create a snow angel. Frost turns every pond into a skating rink. Every hill has turned into a slide and every park into snowball fight arena.

If you had to persuade your kids to go outside to play, now they are begging to go outside!

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If we could learn from frost and snow and try to provide different opportunities for our kids to experience magic, to foster creativity and to simply play outside, it would be the greatest gift for them this holiday season!

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